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Florian is a Berlin based colorist. Growing up on the coast of Rostock in northern Germany. Florian went through all departments of film production. Starting in the camera department to Postproduction and noticed already that he has a keen interest in color.

Which he was only able to use on his canvases until then. But how do you put that in a movie and how do you implement it. 

So he listened to some music and started dealing with davinci resolve. Florian came to berlin to dive deeper into the world of advertising. He started working at bigfish filmproduction as an assistant in postproduction and quickly became a digital artist with the main focus on colorgrading. But also editing and vfx was one of his tasks. Florian realized that he has to make a disicion. And started to work in the grading department at arri media to further develop his work.

He has a realy good knowegde in postproduction workflows for commercials, feature films and musicvideos.

Bookings via direct mail or at

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